Whether your birth plan is all about a home birth with music and candles, or in the hospital with an epidural at the snap of your finger... you are going to want to have your homeopathic remedies with you!


Homeopathy is incredibly effective during labor and it speeds up recovery after birth for both mom and baby.


During each stage of labor, remedies can be used to reduce feelings of anxiety, to give a boost to energy levels and to take the edge off the pain.


With this guide, I want to put the knowledge of these remedies in your hands and that of your birthing partner. I encourage you to go through the guide with your birthing partner long in advance and not to expect that you will be able to self-prescribe when you are busy laboring.


This guide covers:

  • Natural labor induction
  • Your must have labor remedies
  • Remedies for the 3 stages of labor
    • Early labor, active labor, transition phase
    • Delivery of baby
    • Delivery of placenta
  • Specific remedy indications
    • Pain management
    • If labor is too early
    • Fatigue
    • If labor is too fast
    • If labor is not progressing
  • Post natal & baby remedies
    • Milk not coming in
    • For baby
    • Painful nursing
    • Post natal healing
  • Homeopathic pharmacies
  • The ultimate labor remedies cheat sheet (printer friendly)


You can use this guide in any way you like. Apply everything written in it, just use the induction remedies & post natal remedies, or only the remedies for each stage. It doesn't matter. Whatever suits your process. Don't feel like you need to take everything that is recommended.


If you have a doula or your midwife is happy to use complementary medicine, they will love the (printer friendly) cheat sheet at the end too.


This product is a downloadable e-book.