Do you suspect your charts show a hormonal imbalance that may be keeping you from falling pregnant but you don't know which imbalance it is or how to pinpoint it?


This course teaches you to recognize chart signs and patterns to identify what may be going on.


Ready to start? 

Cross check your charts for common hormone imbalances such as estrogen dominance, progesterone deficiency, high FSH, an underfunctioning thyroid and others.

  • Erratic, low or high temperatures

  • Early or late ovulation

  • Short luteal or follicular phase

  • And more...

So, you’ve got a grip on charting, you take your temperature every morning, you’re recording your cervical mucus and taking ovulation tests...but do you ever wish you could make sense of what they really mean?


Does that big temp drop mean there’s something wrong or is it normal? Why isn’t your temperature shooting up after a positive ovulation test? What about the erratic temperatures? Is your follicular or luteal phase too short?? How do you use your charts to understand what steps to take to bring your dreams of a (bigger) family into reality?


This Chart Interpretation Course will help you figure it out and more! It will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to be able to unravel the mysteries of your cycle.

Chart Interpretation Course

With the help of video lessons with plenty of example charts, we will go through all the basics to understanding your chart and look at some ideal charts so you know what you’re aiming for.  

  • When should I be ovulating?

  • How long should my follicular and luteal phases be?

  • What are healthy temperatures at each stage of my cycle?

It will also teach you how to spot the signs of issues that could be stopping you from getting pregnant.  


Through 4 modules we’ll look at ideal charts, estrogen dominance, low progesterone, and indications of (early) menopause. 


We will cover the signs to look out for in your chart and what they mean to help you to understand your body and its challenges better.  


In particular we’ll look at:

  • Early ovulation (before day 13)
  • Late ovulation (after cycle day 16)
  • No ovulation (anovulatory cycles)
  • High temperatures
  • Short luteal & follicular phase (less than 12 days) / luteal phase defect
  • Quickly dropping temperatures in the luteal phase
  • Short or long periods
  • Heavy or light periods
  • Premenstrual physical & emotional complaints
  • Recurrent early miscarriages (chemical pregnancies)
  • Low libido

We’ll look at how you can use your charts along with any other symptoms you have to work out what you need to do for your individual circumstances. 

Each module includes an easy-to-complete worksheet to help you identify the specific chart signs and symptoms related to a certain (hormone) imbalance as well as simple essential steps you can start taking to improve your chances of falling pregnant, including which homeopathic detox protocol(s) may apply.


This course is also great when you have already started detoxing homeopathically or making lifestyle changes so that you learn to monitor your progress and see your charts and fertility improve.




Ideal charts

Estrogen Dominance

Low Progesterone

Ideal charts

Adrenal Fatigue


Ideal charts